IT Jobs in India

While earlier IT jobs in India were concentrated on some places like Hyderabad and Bangalore, today all the major cities, including Pune, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Chennai have major IT companies. IT sector in India continues to grow steadily and more and more candidates are required to fuel their ambitions. If you are wondering what career you should take, IT sector offers you a wide range of opportunities and options.

Many job sectors have experienced severe and harsh cut backs but the IT jobs market has bucked the trend and is offering hope to the unemployed in this country. It is considered that IT jobs will continue to flourish and become one of the areas in the UK economy that will grow from strength to strength. If you care to look in the IT jobs section of the newspaper or online with an IT jobs agency you will see that there are thousands of IT jobs available, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. You;ll find IT jobs covering a vast spectrum of areas such as development, programming, support and maintenance. Dependant on role and responsibility salaries can start at 42,000 per annum.


Web Development, Website Design, System Design, Database Management, Web marketing, SEO consultant, Technical Writing, a variety of Software Solutions, Technical Support, Application Development, and many positions in various IT companies need to be filled. Suitable candidates who excel at their work are now in a position to choose among the various IT jobs in India and demand a good remuneration for their services.

Therefore, it is imperative that both jobseekers and recruiters appreciate the significance of what to “call themselves” and what they should “ask for,” respectively. Role titles have to indicate what the job encompasses and includes. Appreciating the different kinds of IT jobs in the industry should help both parties in titling their job roles properly and efficiently.

Today, there a many new companies providing offshore solutions to western nations and companies like Wipro and Infosys have made their names in the international arena. As these companies expand, their need for talented and efficient employees keeps on increasing. Developing, as well as established, Indian IT companies also fulfill the business needs of the growing Indian businesses, which prove to be another source of work and income. The boom in Indian economy, the easing of recession all over the world, and the speedy growth of software companies in India has created a number of IT jobs in India.

It does seem though, that the IT jobs market is showing signs of growth. So if you want to earn the money to help pay the rent or mortgage and enjoy those little extras like food, heat and clothes, you might like to explore the possibility of employment in the IT jobs market.

An IT recruiter will get a pretty good indication of where a jobseeker fits in the IT industry, based on their CV. Job titles such as “Helpdesk Supervisor,” “PC Support Technician,” “Java Developer” or “Cobol Programmer” should give them an indication of what the IT jobseeker can do. However, job role titles such as “Systems Engineer” or “ICT Officer” might be too vague or aren;t clear enough in describing what the candidate really does – this is where things may become a bit tricky. Fortunately, the majority of people who send CVs of this nature to a recruitment agency will back up the job role title with details on his/her actual skills (although this is not necessarily always true, with some leaving said recruiter confused as to what it is that they do).

Applying for IT contract jobs is much the same as applying for a permanent position. Many companies and organisations have separate recruitment agencies working for them that carry out staffing requirements on behalf of the company. The internet has also become a great source for almost any kind of information on job hunting and often companies post IT contract jobs on special forums and job boards that are tailored specifically for IT jobs. This makes it easy for job seekers to find various offers that suit their needs and qualifications either on a contract or permanent basis. All you need to do to find the right position is refine your search to the particular IT contract jobs you are looking for.